Fast Cell Repairs And Service!

We now do micro-soldering of all components from charge ports to ic chips. All levels of soldering, bring us your defective devices and see if we can bring them back to life.

APPLE iPhone Repairs

Starting at $50/each

iPhone AfterMarket OEM Glass Only Rear Glass
SE 45
6 45 55
6+ 55 70
6s 55 70
6s+ 60 85
7 65 90
7+ 70 100
8 75 100 100
8+ 80 110 100
X 200 140 100
XS 210 150 100
XS Max 340 210 100
XR 120 100
11 220 160 150
11 Pro 450 210 150
11 Pro Max 410 260 150

APPLE iPad Repairs

Starting at $60/each

iPads Glass Glass/LCD
2-4 Gen 80
Air 90
Air 2 170
5th Gen 90
6th Gen 110
Pro 9.7 180
Pro 10.5 210
Pro 12.9 270
Mini 1-2 80
Mini 3 90
Mini 4 150
Mini 5 250


Starting at $60/each

Samsung Glass Only LCD
S7 80 80
S8 130 200
S8+ 140 220
S9 150 230
S9+ 160 245
S10e 170 240
S10 190 285
S10+ 210 300
Note 8 150 240
Note 9 170 270
Note 10 300
Note 10 Plus 325

LG Repairs

Starting at $80/each

G3      $80
G4      $90
G5      $140
V10    $130
V20   $180

Cellular Repair Oklahoma City

Time for a Repair

The moment you’ve been dreading has finally happened. Everything was fine a minute ago, but now you’re devastated. You dropped your phone, did you crack your screen? Maybe it’s onto the concrete in a parking lot. Maybe it’s into a swimming pool full of water. Maybe you dropped it into the washing machine. And then panic sets in… Did I lose my contacts? Did I lose my pictures? What do I do now?

Don’t panic! Whether you crack it, crush it, soak it, throw it, or drop it, we can save your phone 90% of the time. We are here, ready for you when your phone takes a spill or just stops working. Why waste your money buying new phones when you can have your phone repaired for a fraction of a new phone? We are here to help you save money by doing repairs and unlock at a reasonable economical price.


Do you need cell phone repair in Oklahoma City? Did you set a lock code and forgot what it was? Would you like to use your GSM phone to be changed to use another network?  We can help! Our unlocking and software services are available on a walk-in basis and can be finished while you wait. We also offer modifications for phones such as changing the housings and faceplates on phones. Whether your phone is beat up and needs a makeover or you are just ready for a change of pace, we are here to service your needs!

Fast Turn Around

Same day turn around on many repairs, many times done while you wait. Wireless Solutions repairs most cell phones and tablets. We repair everything from charge ports to power buttons to full LED/digitizer/housing replacements. Prices range from $20 to $270.

Repairs can take anywhere from ten minutes to the next day. We do not carry parts for all models so there may be a potential wait for rare parts.

Our Guarantee

All repairs come with a 30 day warranty and a money back guarantee.

Prices are fair and once the initial job is quoted, the price will not change. We are fully confident in our repairs.

  • Screen Replacement
  • Glass Repair
  • Glass Cover Replacement
  • LCD Display Repair
  • Charging Port
  • Microphone Replacement
  • Housing Replacement
  • Power & Volume Button Repair
  • Vibrator Repair
  • Data Transfer
  • Camera Repair
  • Speaker Replacement
  • Data Transfers
  • Back Cover Replacement
  • Flashing, Rooting and Unlocking