Dear Customer,
We value your business so much that we have decided to share some very important and vital information with you. We do not think that we know everything there is to know, however, we do think we know enough to help the wonderful folks we get the privilege of calling customers. There are certain things within the cellular industry we feel would be beneficial to our customers regarding repairs, pre-owned cellphone purchases and unlocks. We hope you find the following information useful should the need ever arise for one of these items.

Pre-Owned Cellphones
When purchasing a cellphone someone else has owned, it can be a little uncomfortable. You don’t know if there has been previous work done to the phone, the majority of the time, most do not know whether or not the phone is still tied to a previous account or even worse maybe even listed as lost or stolen. Craigslist and Facebook are two popular avenues of purchasing pre-owned cellphones. We could share multiples testimonies of people being cheated, ripped off and at times, even robbed from one of these avenues. We speak from experience when we say that you can easily fall prey to one of these experiences. The seller will sell the phone to the customer, get the cash for the sale, then once they have left, they will call that particular phone in as lost or stolen on their account. You as the buyer, are stuck with a stolen or lost phone and you have lost money. This is why we strive for such a strong presence on Craigslist so that you as a customer will have the opportunity to have a safe and guaranteed transaction. Again, we warranty and guarantee our product not just on repairs but for any purchase made at Wireless Solutions as well, this is primarily for the consolation of the customer.

We are asked the question every day, what does it mean to unlock a phone? We could spend a while on the subject of unlocking cell phones but simply put, unlocking a phone means to detach it from its current carrier and allow it to be used on another carrier. That being said, you must also understand that there are two different networks known as CDMA & GSM. Verizon, Sprint & U.S. Cellular are your basic CMDA providers while AT&T and T-Mobile are your basic GSM providers. Within these main service providers there are sub-providers such as Cricket, MetroPCS, StraightTalk, Family Mobile and many more. The GSM network allows more flexibility when it comes to unlocking phones whereas, CDMA phones are a little more complicated. The vast majority of Verizon phones are now unlocked. Often times, you can get away with using a CDMA phone such as Verizon on a GSM network, but rarely if not ever, will you be able to use a GSM phone on a CDMA network. If a phone is reported as lost or stolen, you can maybe unlock it but it still will not work on a carrier. In any case, don’t hesitate to call us or come by the store with further questions. We would love to help in any way that we can, and if need be, perhaps even unlock your cellular device.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. We only want the best for our customers, thus, this dissertation to accommodate the influx of questions regarding these three subjects. We want nothing more than our customers to have the most satisfactory experience possible. We strongly believe that by expanding our customers knowledge about a few key subjects within this industry, then you will be benefited greatly. Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon.

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