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Cell Phone Topics Of Interest

Dear Customer,
We value your business so much that we have decided to share some very important and vital information with you. We do not think that we know everything there is to know, however, we do think we know enough to help the wonderful folks we get the privilege of calling customers. There are certain things within the cellular industry we feel would be beneficial to our customers regarding repairs, pre-owned cellphone purchases and unlocks. We hope you find the following information useful should the need ever arise for one of these items.

When shopping around for a place to get your phone repaired, especially Apple devices, you really need to do your research. Always check the companies ratings and feedback on Google or Facebook. It’s not unusual to see certain companies with very low priced repairs. An example of this would be a company doing an iPhone 6 repair for anywhere from 60 to 70 dollars. In order for this to be possible they have to be using what is called a high copy China part. These parts are complete fakes and have been known to cause devices to overheat and crash. The ideal situation for you is to make sure those companies are using at the very least OEM lcd’s with a refurbished glass, also known as, “aftermarket”. You will be able to differentiate between bad and good quality parts and repairs simply by the vibrancy of the picture. When paying your hard earned money to get your lifeline repaired, you do not want to waste it on a bad repair, so you must choose your repair shop wisely. Here at Wireless Solutions, we offer a 30 day warranty for the functionality of the phone on any repair that we do. As long as there is no sign of liquid or physical damage you are in the clear. We will be more than happy to re-do the repair free of charge if there is an issue within that 30 days and there is no damage to the phone.

Pre-Owned Cellphones
When purchasing a cellphone someone else has owned, it can be a little uncomfortable. You don’t know if there has been previous work done to the phone, the majority of the time, most do not know whether or not the phone is still tied to a previous account or even worse maybe even listed as lost or stolen. Craigslist and Facebook are two popular avenues of purchasing pre-owned cellphones. We could share multiples testimonies of people being cheated, ripped off and at times, even robbed from one of these avenues. We speak from experience when we say that you can easily fall prey to one of these experiences. The seller will sell the phone to the customer, get the cash for the sale, then once they have left, they will call that particular phone in as lost or stolen on their account. You as the buyer, are stuck with a stolen or lost phone and you have lost money. This is why we strive for such a strong presence on Craigslist so that you as a customer will have the opportunity to have a safe and guaranteed transaction. Again, we warranty and guarantee our product not just on repairs but for any purchase made at Wireless Solutions as well, this is primarily for the consolation of the customer.

We are asked the question every day, what does it mean to unlock a phone? We could spend a while on the subject of unlocking cell phones but simply put, unlocking a phone means to detach it from its current carrier and allow it to be used on another carrier. That being said, you must also understand that there are two different networks known as CDMA & GSM. Verizon, Sprint & U.S. Cellular are your basic CMDA providers while AT&T and T-Mobile are your basic GSM providers. Within these main service providers there are sub-providers such as Cricket, MetroPCS, StraightTalk, Family Mobile and many more. The GSM network allows more flexibility when it comes to unlocking phones whereas, CDMA phones are a little more complicated. The vast majority of Verizon phones are now unlocked. Often times, you can get away with using a CDMA phone such as Verizon on a GSM network, but rarely if not ever, will you be able to use a GSM phone on a CDMA network. If a phone is reported as lost or stolen, you can maybe unlock it but it still will not work on a carrier. In any case, don’t hesitate to call us or come by the store with further questions. We would love to help in any way that we can, and if need be, perhaps even unlock your cellular device.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. We only want the best for our customers, thus, this dissertation to accommodate the influx of questions regarding these three subjects. We want nothing more than our customers to have the most satisfactory experience possible. We strongly believe that by expanding our customers knowledge about a few key subjects within this industry, then you will be benefited greatly. Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon.

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Where To Take Iphones For Screen Repair In OKC

iphone repair okc

People who own iPhones usually experience a broken screen at some point. iPhone screens are known for breaking because of the glass material they are made of, but this doesn’t mean that the phone is useless. A screen is just a piece of glass that can be replaced by a professional repair service in a matter of minutes. It also doesn’t cost that much to have a screen replaced; it’s much cheaper than buying a brand new phone. This is why it’s important to locate a cell phone repair shop in your area if you have an iPhone. You need to know where you can take the phone if it happens to get cracked because broken glass shards will cut your finger when you try to use it.

When looking for iPhone screen repair in Oklahoma City, stop by Wireless Solutions & Accessories. This is one of the best places for iPhones screen repair OKC because they have screens for all different iPhone models. Many people think they have to order a screen from the internet to have their iPhone 6 Plus fixed. However, a reliable repair shop will more than likely have the screen you need in stock already. Keep that in mind when looking for an iPhone screen repair shop. It’s critical to get the screen replaced as quickly as possible, especially if the phone usually gets carried inside a purse. Other items will bang into the phone and cause the screen to crack further, which could result in glass shards inside the purse. Nobody wants to cut their hand because they have a damaged phone, which is why these repair services are available.

It’s a dreadful feeling when someone drops their phone and picks it up to notice that the screen has been damaged. Those who are lucky will have just broken the glass and not the actual digital display behind it. If the glass just looks cracked on your phone, take it to a repair shop and ask if they can replace the damaged portion. There’s a good chance your cell phone can be repaired right on the spot so you can begin using it safely again.

Gracefully, Quickly Recovering From a Smart Phone Disaster

phone repair OKCWith the simple slip of a finger or through an instant of inattentiveness, a brand-new smart phone worth hundreds of dollars can be badly damaged. Although their manufacturers take great pains to make modern smart phones as durable and resilient as possible, few can withstand drops of more than a foot or so onto hard surfaces. That means that too many people every day face cracked screens or worse with the devices that are so central to their lives.

Far from needing to replace a smart phone after such an accident though, many people can instead take advantage of the kinds of Cell phone repair Oklahoma City specialist are now able to offer. With the best cell phone repair in Oklahoma City, even those with the most grievously damaged smart phones are often able to restore them to like-new condition.

The single most common problem confronted by those who specialize in iPhone repair and help for broken Android devices is a cracked touchscreen. Fortunately, cell phone screen replacement today is a fairly routine matter, in many cases costing less than a hundred dollars for those who need the service performed.

That is because, despite the delicacy and inaccessibility of the internal components in most modern smart phones, the screens themselves are typically fairly easy to get to. Couple that with the fact that there is a thriving industry of companies that specialize in producing high-quality, aftermarket replacement parts, and replacing a broken screen is often relatively simple and affordable to do.

In many cases, in fact, it takes little more than a trip to one of the experts at repairing cell phones OKC has to offer to residents. These specialists will normally stock replacement screens for most of the most common cell phone models, whether that means the most recent iPhone offerings or Samsung’s latest high-end Galaxy handsets. For owners of phones that are currently a little less popular, a wait of a day or two may be necessary, but it is rarely the case that delays go much longer than that.

Even if a smart phone accident looks, at first, like a real disaster, then, there are often excellent ways of recovering. While there are still some possibilities, like submersion in water, that can put a cell phone out of business for good, most eventualities have happier possible conclusions. With smart phones being so important today to many residents of Oklahoma, that is good news for just about everyone.

The Cell Phones OKC Residents Use, Need Skilled Repair Care

Cell Phones OKCJust a decade ago, having a cellular phone was seen as a luxury and not a necessity. A dozen years before that, using a mobile telephone meant holding something as big and bulky as a football. Obviously things have changed, as telephones have become considerably smaller and more diverse in their services. The cell phones OKC residents rely on must contain talk, text and a full range of Internet services.

Also interesting, is how the cell phones OKC carry have become status symbols in their own right. People boast about the mobile phone they carry in their pocket, much the same way they once bragged about the car in their garage. Men who once wanted a woman who was either blonde or brunette, now pay more attention to words like “Apple” and “Android.”

Because our cell phones have become an integral part of our lives, they need to be taken care of as would a fine wine. The Cell phone repair Oklahoma City natives trust needs to be both affordable and reliable. To leave one’s telephone off “at the shop” can be as anxiety producing as saying “good bye” to a child.

When a telephone is left for repair, you want a technician who understands your needs. If a smart-phone can not access your personal data, they should be able to retrieve these names and numbers in a timely fashion. When a crack appears in the screen, it can be replaceable immediately. At that time when your favorite phone can no longer withstand repairs, a cell phone repair company should “tell it to you straight.”

That’s when it pays to work with a repair shop you trust. Their team knows which new models are compatible with your old mobile phone, and what accessories would go well with your selection. Should a client merely wish to upgrade from their current model, then, the decision to sell it can be a profitable option.

One place to check online is the website of Wireless Solutions and Accessories, located online at These web pages have a myriad of good ideas for smart-phone users, as well as those who wish to inquire about repairing a cell phone they already use.

How To Choose A Reliable Cell Phone Repair Center

There are many cellphone repair services available, but it’s imperative that you locate a service that is trustworthy as well as reliable. Below are a few tips on how to select the best cellphone repair service and what to look for.

In this high-tech world we live in of hand-held electronics, it’s very important to review warranties and ensure you locate reputable repair companies to service your mobile phones needs with proper upkeep and appropriate maintenance.Cell Phone Repair Oklahoma City

These new, high quality mobile devices of today will typically outlast their warranties and will require repair after lengthy use. These mobile devices are expensive and costly to replace. It is essential that you locate a dependable repair service to keep your high tech cellphone running properly.

These tips and guidelines will aid you in your search for mobile device maintenance and repair service that will achieve your needs:

Verify the Business & Their Reputation

It’s simple to locate a cellphone repair service in your area that looks reputable and sounds legitimate nevertheless, you’ll want to validate that the services offered are what they claim to be. This can be done by a small amount of fast research and a short background check. Visit the company’s website if they have one and review any testimonials from previous customers. Similarly, your can place a general search via Google, and view company background online.

Warranty on Repairs

Many companies that offer mobile device repair service typically offer some form of a warranty on parts used as well as service provided. This protect you the customer as well as their integrity as business owners by providing some kind of guarantee of the service performed.

Find a Specialist in Cellphone Repairs

Most of us in today’s society typically own several hand-held devices. Always check for an electronic repair business that provides reasonably priced, high-quality service. Once you find a reputable company, stick with them for all of your cellphone repair needs as they are harder to find that one may think.

We Provide Reliable Cellphone Repair:

Quick• Reasonably priced • Experienced

If your cellphone breaks or malfunctions, you’ll want an expert providing the repair. With years of experience and skill in electronic repair, we offer fast, affordable and effective cellphone repair provided by professionals.


K. Taylor
I’ll go here to get my phone repaired from now on. The turnaround was super-fast and they’re honest regarding charges and repairs needed.

Greg M.
Life savers!! My iPhone4S was not working, and an hour later it’s working like brand new!! + Great friendly service & professional = reasonably priced! Absolutely one happy customer!!

Shelly K
Phone was cracked and before I knew it they had it fixed and ready for pickup. Very nice people and they did a great job. Even showed me a few tricks to use on my phone. A+ service will use again!


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Affordable Cellphone Options

As cell phone technology continues to advance, manufacturers are adding more and more features. Unfortunately, better technology also means higher prices. Below, we look at five factors you should consider to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Cell Phone Repair Store OKC

There are two size factors to look at: physical size and internal memory size. Affordable phones can be found in almost any size, but the larger they are, the more expensive they will be. Fortunately, price does not increase significantly with the size, so it’s really a matter of personal choice. What does have a big effect on the price is the size of the internal memory. Memory for mobile devices is expensive, so if you want to save money you shouldn’t buy one with more storage than you need.

Most affordable phones run on the Android operating system. There are more basic platforms available, but they are not much cheaper. Basic Android phones can be quite cheap, but watch out for unneeded customizations by the manufacturer that may raise the price. Cheaper phones often have low-quality cameras, so if taking pictures is important to you, it’s worthwhile to spend a little more. Other issues with low-priced phones are battery life and durability. Check out what others are saying about their phones to make sure you don’t get one that will die before you can recharge it or break and force you to replace it.

Outside of the phone itself, your plan is something you need to put a lot of thought into. The first thing you’ll want to consider is whether you want to be on a contract or not. Pay-as-you-go plans are good if you won’t be using your phone much for calls or texts. If you will be, look for an unlimited plan. These may be available for both prepaid and contracted plans. Mobile internet can be expensive, so unless you are sure you will use it often, you can start with a cheap plan that offers limited data use. You can also consider getting a Wi-Fi plan if you will be using it in locations where your carrier offers Wi-Fi coverage.

Even the large carriers have dead zones, so make sure that your home and the places you intend to travel are within their service area. This is especially important when using a budget carrier as these often cover a more limited area.

For most people, price is the most important factor when choosing a phone. If you sign on to a contracted plan, the carrier may offer you a free or discounted phone. Just make sure your monthly cost doesn’t turn this into a bad deal. You also have the option of buying a new phone. Before you buy one from the carrier, shop around for a better deal. If you really want to save money, consider buying a used or refurbished phone. Used phones are the cheapest and can be as good as a new one.

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